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This wiki page aims to gather all the templating initiatives, any volunteer might/would want to fulfil. It's, therefore, a volunteering effort needed to maintain the provided and available templates. Anyhow! for any need of template, regarding a Conference organization within the cmNOG's community or beyond; there you go ;-)

Free Templates for Events & Conferences

To ease the process of starting-up while organizing new conferences, it is recommended to pick-up a template; which would mostly satisfy the needs of the targeted event (conference) to organize.

If there is not yet a template aligned with the kind of conference you are trying to organize; then, maybe it's just a challenging opportunity, to you to draft a new “modern” and “exciting” one ;-)

Any template available, under this initiative shall remain freely available, and reusable anywhere, under an appropriate FLOSS 1) license.

Table of Available Free Templates by Type of Conferences

Each template belong to a type of conference. What you see here might be either only what we have at time, or no one have dedicated its time (please consider to volunteer too!) to add it here :-/

Free/Libre Open Source Software
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