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Le cmNOG dispose depuis le 20.02.2017 d'une VM

  • Hostname:
  • OS : Debian 8 - 64 bits
  • cores : 2vCPUs
  • IPV4:
  • IPV6: 2001:42d0:0:409::44
  • Disk : 20 Gb

En cas de besoin en assistance, contactez le staff d'AFRINIC via helpdesk AT afrinic DOT net

Consignes d'AFRINIC

* At this time we will only provide one server. As this is zero dollar support, the overhead for 2 VMs is not justified at this stage.

* Once up and running, if it happens that your services are using a high percentage of the above allocated resources, provided you show usage we may consider increasing the allocations and/or a 2nd VM. That is to be evaluated at the time.

* Once access to the system is handed over to you in the next week or so, you will be granted full root access via sudo. After which, all maintenance, patching, security and backups are your own responsibility. AFRINIC will not be monitoring or backing this up in any way. Nor will there be ongoing support to maintain the OS, configure services or other system administration.

* Console access and *reverse* DNS cannot be delegated to you, so in the event you need emergency recovery after a failed reboot, we would support you, and you will need to make the request via - this is office hours only however, there is no 24/7 support of any kind. The same goes for rDNS changes, if any are ever needed. We’ll be happy to do so during office hours as per requests to

* No filtering of any kind will be done at a network level. It will be up to yourself to configure local firewall rules if required.

* You may install and start any service as required, however please note that we expect that no service provides or spreads any unsolicited bulk emails, any adult material, any illegal material, any hate speech and does not violate any laws. Any abusive traffic or services reported or detected will result in immediate shutdown of the VM.

* Logins are to be maintained for key trusted AFRINIC IT staff, with sudo access. The team will not use these logins except in the event of diagnosing critical issues or assisting you with a major recovery. However, we require the logins to be available in case of these extreme circumstance.

A member of the AFRINIC technical staff should be in contact with you soon to arrange your own login access.
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