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-Welcome to the cmNOG wiki !+Welcome to the **cmNOG's Wiki** ! 
 +We like to share knowledge and content. 
 +We believe in the power of a community driven organisation,​ so we launched [[| this wiki]] to give to our community a powerful mean to collaboratively build a lot of imaginative contents and networking knowledges.  
 +//...we hope to see more '​guys'​ [[https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​cmnog | joining us]] on that amazing way of collaborative actions, paved within an archiving and sharing mindset ; so that we shall get more stuffs that ones could freely reuse, or improve, at any time ;-)// 
 +Perhaps, you can help here... Just try and [[Start]], then we'll get a quick result :-)  
 +To begin with, you may want to know a bit more about our technical infrastructure and some information [[Structure|about our organisation]] :   
 +  * Our [[ressources|Resources]] 
 +  * Our [[IdeasAndProjects | Ideas And Projects]]{[[IdeasAndProjects/​Ideas|Ideas]]+[[IdeasAndProjects/​Projects|Projects]]}  
 +  * Our [[https://​​mailman/​listinfo/​cmnog | Mailinglist]] and [[https://​​pipermail/​cmnog | Mailinglist Archives]]  
 +  * Our Regular [[Webinars | Webinars]] like 
 +    * the first one about NOG's Public Service [[Webinars:​cmNOGwebinar1 |"NOG: Perception, Missions, Ressources/​Moyens,​ Enjeux, Intérêts"​]] 
 +    * the last one: [[webinars:​cmnogwebinar7|webinar7]] 
 +  * Our Regular Decisional [[Meetings:​cmNOGmeet | Meetings]] which produces all the [[Meetings:​cmNOGmeet:​Resolutions |Resolutions]] which are guiding our administrative and operational actions 
 +  * The [[Ressources:​Emails|Mailing Addresses]] one should/​could use to send/​receive emails 
 +  * Go to our [[https://​ | Website]] for more information. 
 +:!: Use the **sitemap** menu at the top of this page to navigate throughout this wiki.
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