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cmNOG's Webinars

This wiki page is aimed to list all the cmNOG's webinars organized by volunteers of the cmNOG. One of the tasks of the organising's check-list is to choose a Theme and a presenter for each webinar

An active part of the cmNOG's Community has decided to launch a webinar model of meetups, in order to create conditions of awareness in the community for more engagement/participation…

Those webinars shall be organized, and Evaluated1), in a regular and free basis. So two times per month, during an hour or a ninety minutes duration, a webinar will be organized by some volunteers, in the benefit of the cmNOG's Community and abroad.

Each webinar shall be recorded and all their respective Q/A sessions stored appropriately|.

Active Webinar

••• please go to RoutingSecAndMANRS •••

Table of cmNOG's Free Webinars

#NameDateTime (UTC+1)ThemeJoinRecordsComment
1#cmNOGwebinar115.02.202019:00-20:00NOG: Perception, Missions, Ressources/Moyens, Enjeux, Intérêts Notes, Interaction report. Made by Slido, Slide, Audio, Vidéo, All cmNOGwebinar1's Records :-) DONE :!: Thanks y'all !
2#cmNOGwebinar207.03.202019:00-20:00Utilisation Optimale d'une Liste de Diffusion : Cas de MailmanOnlineRoom: <> MeetingID: 208 771 724 Pswd: 029461 Notes, [Interaction Report], [Slides], [Audio], Questions/Answers, Video, All cmNOGwebinar2's Records :-) DONE :!: Thanks y'all !
3cmNOGwebinar321.03.202019:00-20:00Etat des lieux des infrastructures réseaux au CamerounOnlineRoom: <> Notes, Chat.txt, [[|Interaction Report]], Slides-Part1, Slides-Part2, Audio, Questions/Answers, Video-via-Zoom, Video, All cmNOGwebinar3's Records :-) DONE :!: Thanks y'all !
4cmNOGwebinar404.04.202019:00-20:00RIPE Atlas in the Metrological Context of CameroonOnlineRoom: <> Notes, Chat.txt, [[|Interaction Report]], Slides, Audio, Questions/Answers, Video-via-Zoom, Video, All cmNOGwebinar4's Records JoinUS Please !
5cmNOGwebinar511.04.202019:00-20:00« Les Bases du Télétravail pour Tous »OnlineRoom: <> Notes, Chat.txt, [[|Interaction Report]], Slides, Audio, Questions/Answers, Video-via-Zoom, Video, All cmNOGwebinar5's Records Please Register Right Now & Join Us at time!
6cmNOGwebinar630.05.202019:00-20:00« Revue critique des outils de télétravail » coming soon :!:
7cmNOGwebinar711.07.202019:00-20:00« Etat des lieux de la signature numérique au Cameroun »OnlineRoom: <> Registration's URI, Notes, Chat.txt, (Interaction Report - code : 62 00 22), Slides, Audio, Questions/Answers, LiveStreaming-via-Youtube, Video, Evaluation's URI, All cmNOGwebinar7's Records, :-)Détails de l'Evaluation, Thanks Y'all :!:
8cmNOGwebinar829.08.202019:00-20:00« Introduction au Cloud » coming soon :!:
9cmNOGwebinar908.06.202116:00-17:15« Sécurité du Routage Internet & MANRS - Introduction » • Video - • SimulCast -
10cmNOGwebinar1022.06.202116:00-17:30« Sécurité du Routage Internet & MANRS - Utilisation d'un registre IRR pour documenter votre politique de routage »- • Vidéo - • SimulCast - -
11cmNOGwebinar1106.07.202116:00-17:30« Sécurité du Routage Internet & MANRS - Votre contribution à la sécurisation de la table de routage Internet avec RPKI » • Video - • SimulCast -
12cmNOGwebinar1222.06.202116:00-17:00« Sécurité du Routage Internet & MANRS - Utilisation des outils d'automatisation, exemple IRRTOOLSET »- • Video - • SimulCast - -
13cmNOGwebinar1322.06.202116:00-17:00« Sécurité du Routage Internet & MANRS - Démonstration de la sécurisation à l'aide du LAB d'ISOC en ligne »- • Video - • SimulCast - -

Template of a Free cmNOG's Webinars

A Template (Template N°2) is at your disposal, to easily create the wiki page aims to describe the next cmNOG's Webinar.

Template of Questionnaire for a Webinar pre/post-Evaluation —
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