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 == Jan Žorž == == Jan Žorž ==
-Founder ​of the Slovenian'​s NOG (SiNOG <​https://​>​).+Slovenia-based,​ Jan Žorž ((https://​​janZorz)) is a VP of **6connect Labs** and an IPv6 specialist and advocate. He co-founded the not-for-profit **Go6 Institute**,​ an IPv6 initiative whose main objective is to raise IPv6 awareness in Slovenia. He was also one of the pioneers ​of **SiOL**, ​the Slovenian ​national ISP. Jan co-founded **SiNOG** //(the Slovenian Network Operators' ​Group)// ((SiNOG <​https://​>​)) and he is a founding Board member of the Global NOG Alliance (**GNA**) ((GNA <​https://​>​)). 
 +In the past he also worked for **Internet Society** as Operational Engagement Programme Manager.
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